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The most extensive supplement range on the market, pre-measured for your everyday needs in the DayDose™ SmartBox. (13 vitamins, 9 minerals, omega-3, turmeric, ginseng & Q10).

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Stronger muscles
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DayDose is a new Scandinavian dietary supplement developed by leading doctors.

Our concept is simple: instead of taking 5+ tablets of individual vitamins, we offer only 3 tablets; two multivitamin and -minerals and one fish-oil capsule.

With this unique composition, you will get 22 vitamins, minerals, and several nutrients.

And you can finally get rid of all your multiple pillboxes. We’re all you’ll ever need.

How can daydose help you?

Stronger heart

With a daily intake of over 250 mg DHA/EPA, it contributes to normal heart function.* (192 mg DHA, 288 mg EPA)

Strengthens bones

DayDose contributes to strengthening the bones.* (C, D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese)

Flexible joints

DayDose maintains healthy joints and muscles and increases the body's vitality.* (turmeric, ginseng)

Need more energy?

Always tired and in need of more hours? Make sure your time counts and maximize productivity. Most of us don’t get the varied diet, exercise, and sleep we need, and with the need to juggle families and jobs, this often leads to tiredness and fatigue. DayDose Active is specially developed with your energy and vitality in focus.


Why choose DayDose?

"Their suppliments stimulate and support energy, muscles and joints."

Amanda, @amanda_upadhyaya

"Super excited to start using these vitamins - they eliminate the need for using tons of pill bottles."

Lola, @byohlola

"The vitamins comes in a wonderful smart box that can hold all your vitamins in one case."

Eve, @thestyleandfitness

Is quality important to you?

Quality is essential to us, and for that very reason, we’ve spent three years in the development process so that you get the highest quality and best results all the way through.


Our two multivitamins are so much more than just vitamins. Thanks to our dedication to science, we have managed to apply all the recommended vitamins, minerals as well as several nutrients into only two pills. You will no longer have to be unsure of whether you get your daily vitamins or not.


Besides our multivitamins, DayDose Active includes one easily ingestible capsule of omega-3 in high concentrations. Our fish oil capsules consist of 80% omega-3 fatty acids – EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). This equals two normal-sized capsules.


Ready to rethink your vitamins?

With DayDose, you get your daily dose of the most essential and vital vitamins and minerals all in a simple SmartBox.

Our award-winning design is simple, practical, and compact – perfect for bringing with you.

Furthermore, the tablets are dosed on the weekdays from Monday till Sunday. Our research has indicated that 96% of DayDose users remember their vitamins every day.


Why did we create DayDose – Our story

“Medical science has made it clear that certain substances are critical to our body’s wellbeing. We would automatically receive the majority of these substances if we had an optimal lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we must admit that a hectic life and, at times, a lack of focus on diet, exercise, sleep and rest can lead to deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. Restoring this balance actually isn’t difficult, but the composition of substances our body needs is rather complex.

A recognition of the importance of this was the catalyst for creating DayDose. DayDose gathers everything you need

and puts it into one easy to remember package. Now there’s an end to collecting all sorts of different supplements, and there’s also an end to uneven and illogical doses.

Simply open your daily DayDose by flipping up the tab and then remove the contents by turning one hand. Your daily needs are now covered. It is practical and easy to use, and so smart that DayDose has been named as the winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design.”

Flemming Wagner
Founder and CEO of DAYDOSE™

How do I get started?

DayDose is available at Amazon.

Choose between a 28-days value pack or a 56-days value pack.


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